Pranima organizes The Intensive Trainee for Monitors in 6 days of formation, from 21 to March to 26 March (10:00 am), 2016.

The Intensive Monitors Trainee of Pranima aims to foster a stronger intervention on the concept Monitor / Animator and boosting the Associative spirit. The Pranima is an association accredited by IPJ- Permit 227.

The course has a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 registrations for its achievement and is intended for all those who want to sign up to have a minimum age of 17 years (17 years old must have a permit signed by Encº. Of Educational to participate).

The completion of the trainee will be held for 6 consecutive days (with sleeping arrangements), in Costa da Caparica, at PNEC and a way out of a practical training trainee. The material is distributed by the Association and free trainers on paper or digital.

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Finding Neverland is a new adventure that Pranima propose for summer 2016.

This  International Summer Camp Travel will tour some of the most amazing destinations in Europe.

We will go through Barcelona, Puertoventura, Annecy, Zurich Kandersteg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Disneyland Paris and the Basque Country.

In an atmosphere of magic and fun, we count on you in this quest of adventure and happiness.

Go to where your imagination takes you and find out ...;)

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